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Our aim is to serve our customers with the best quality of fruit, vegetables, groceries and beverages  from all around the world, at reasonable prices. Our customers are based all over London.

Additionally, we are gradually  growing in  London areas to bring our unique producst all over the UK.

Arena locals and Holland Bazaar has brought innovation to the UK market. Some of our branches a 24 hour open  in Tooting Bec to make it easier for customers to purchase their goods at a convenient time for them. This means you don't have to go to market at midnight. Arena Markets puts the customer and their needs first.

Despite to the economic crises, Holland Bazaar has continued to offer their products with competitive prices. Our Suppliers (Special Fruit&Holland bazaar) ensure that we are provided with the best fruits and vegetables which effectively enables us to supply the finest quality directly to your shelves. Within last a few years we have successfully erected a leading fruit and vegetables markets for all Londoners and businesses.

We would like to thank our present customers and welcome any new clients that are interested in being a part of international trades for a multicultural London.

Managing Directors
Ali Matur - Veli Gencer

Who We Are

         Ali Matur

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